BR | Organic Peppermint Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse (32oz)

BR | Organic Peppermint Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse (32oz)

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Our delicious BR | Organic Peppermint Mouthwash (Brushing Rinse) --  the original flavor of the #1 Selling Natural Mouthwash in the US, just got tastier! This super-powered oral rinse refreshingly cleans your whole mouth; gets your teeth their sparkly whitest and removes bad breath germs! Use it as a rinse before you brush OR as a rinse to brush with!  The ADA advocates rinsing with Hydrogen Peroxide to help prevent transmission of COVID19.



While we sleep at night our bodies are in cleanse cycle and our saliva doesn’t circulate. Consequently, we wake up with a mouthful of bad oral bacteria and not the best breath. Rather than swallow this bacteria with your first drink of water, spit out your saliva and follow the protocol below.



Swish with BR | Organic Mouthwash | Brushing Rinse for 60 seconds while you do other morning activities. Spit out the foamy rinse and your mouth and body will thank you.

Our BR | Organic Mouthwash is the first step of The Pristine Protocol and your best smile ever. 

Step 1 | RINSE | BR | Mouthwash + Brushing Rinse

Step 2 | BRUSH | BR | Organic Toothpaste

Step 3 | POLISH | BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish



Learn about the magic of the BR | Organic Mouthwash and why it has been the
#1 Selling Natural Mouthwash in the U.S. for years.