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Giving Back

Feel extra good about your Essential Oxygen purchases, because every time you buy – you’re helping give back! Essential Oxygen donates a % of all purchases to various community initiatives.

Check out some of the foundations and causes we support:

Autism Hope Alliance

Autism Hope Alliance autistic nonprofit

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with an amazing organization called Autism Hope Alliance (AHA) who provide hope and help for autism families. The AHA is the first non-profit benefiting autism families that emerged from the natural food industry and embodies hope for families facing the diagnosis of autism through education, financial support and volunteerism. We have had many customers with autistic family members reach out and tell us that the Essential Oxygen Organic Brushing Rinse is the ONLY toothpaste / mouthwash their autistic loved one will use. We’re thrilled to be helping make a difference in these people’s lives and support the Autism Hope Alliance spread the word about healthy, gluten free, non-toxic products and services that benefit families on the autism journey.

Shelter Partnership


Essential Oxygen sent a large shipment of Organic Brushing Rinse with Jesus (pictured above) to be donated to the Shelter Partnership. They’re an amazing organization that addresses homelessness by developing resources for affordable housing, among many other projects.

La Casa De Las Madres


In 2016, Essential Oxygen donated Organic Brushing Rinse to the women and girls living at the La Casa De Las Madres facility and also went to speak with the women there (with our favorite Progressive Dentist Dr. Eric Zaremski in tow!) to talk to them about the importance or oral health. La Casa De Las Madres empowers more than 20,000 community members (usually domestic abuse victims) through various tools including housing, health services, a drop-in center, a teen program, and much more.

Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation


For two years in a row, Essential Oxygen has supported the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation, which focuses their support on three main groups. Vitamin Angels helps at-risk populations in need; specifically pregnant women, new mothers & children under five, gain access to lifesaving and life-changing vitamins + minerals. Autism Speaks, which provides resources for children and adults affected by autism. Finally, REAL School Gardens, which supports new garden installations, the creation of a school-based health nutrition curriculum, and also the launch of a new REAL School Gardens region.

City Slicker Farms


As part of Agape’s Sacred Service Saturday event, Essential Oxygen donated to and volunteered at City Slicker Farms in Oakland to increase access to and knowledge of healthy organic foods for urban low-income communities.