BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish

BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish

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As the final step in The Pristine Protocol's 3-step oral care system, BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish offers abrasion-on-demand to get your teeth their pearly whitest while preserving your enamel in the process. This minty powder empowers YOU to polish your teeth as YOU need it because every mouth is different. Made with organic essential oils and calcium phosphate (the sole mineral teeth are made of), everyone will enjoy that fresh-from-the-hygienist feeling!



Sprinkle 1/2 tsp on BR | Organic Toothpaste. For sensitive teeth and thin tooth enamel, use 3 times per week. If you are prone to tartar, use 7 times per week.

Pair it with Step 2 of Pristine Protocol: BR | Organic Toothpaste.

The BR | On-Demand Tooth Polish is the third step of The Pristine Protocol and your best smile ever. 

Step 1 | RINSE | BR | Organic Mouthwash 

Step 2 | BRUSH | BR | Organic Toothpaste

Step 3 | POLISH | BR |On-Demand Tooth Polish



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